Important Information for CS6 Users

NOTE: Adobe has fixed the following problem with the CS6 08/12 update.
CS6 Update for Vista/Windows 7 Users
I’ve had some recent reports from Vista/Windows 7 users who upgraded to CS6 that some of my actions are no longer working. I’ve been in touch with Adobe and it seems to be a bug with CS6. They are working on a fix. In the meantime, they suggest tweaking the view settings as follows:
Un-check “Enable Floating Windows Docking.”
Un-check “Open Documents in Tabs.”
Hopefully it will be fixed when they release the 13.0.1 upgrade. Again, this only seems to affect Vista/Windows 7 users who are running CS6. If anyone comes across any other tips for getting the actions to work, feel free to email me and I’ll pass the information on to Adobe!
CS Update for Alpha Cutter/Alpha Saver
I recently released a new updated version of my Alpha Cutter/Alpha Saver script set to make it compatible with CS6. I sent out a coupon to everyone who purchased previously for a discount on the upgrade. If you didn’t receive your coupon and would like it reissued, contact me. If you aren’t upgrading to CS6, you don’t need the upgraded scripts. There are no new features.