STYLES: Enamel Dots Basics


This set of 8 styles will transform a plan dot into a beveled one. Choose from 4 colors (clear, cream, pink and black), each in 2 bevel styles. Apply to different colored dots for different effects!

TIP: Hold in the shift key and apply a drop shadow style to the dot to “add” any drop shadow style you like!

8 bevel styles (.asl format)
Install Instructions (PDF)
(No drop shadow styles are included. You must add your own.)

Tested in PSCS5-CC, and PSE11-13. Mac and PC. (Older versions may work, but have not been tested.) Personal use, S4H or Designer use at no additional charge.

Script: Style Packer


Anna Forrest Designs and I teamed up once again to bring you another amazing time-saving tool! You can now create install files for Photoshop® Elements using your saved styles (asl format) and a few clicks of your mouse. Just save your styles, run the script, choose your style file, save location and category name, and let the script do the rest. No more editing XML files and entering line after line of style names. This script will do it for you and provide the XML files for both PSE6 and PSE7-10.

1 script
1 action (W7/Vista, XP, Mac)
1 Video Tutorial (Mac & PC format)
Using Style Packer Tutorial (PDF)
Installing Styles Tutorial (PDF)

This script/action combo works only in PSCS3+.  This product is okay for designer use. (NOTE: This script will not create the styles for you. It only creates the XML files so you can provide install files for your customers.)

NOTE: This script assumes that the options you choose in your styles are PSE-compatible. I highly recommend testing the newly created install files in PSE to be sure your styles are compatible and load as expected.

Santa Brings Goodies: Day 5!

Every day until Christmas, the Scrapbookgraphics’ Designers and Crew are hosting some special goodies on the Santa Brings Goodies blog train. Be sure to check back each day for your free download(s). These goodies sure are sweet! And, don’t worry if you miss a day. The downloads will be available all month! Today is my turn to share with you a special set of holiday-ish patterns and styles that coordinate perfectly with the other blog train goodies. Included is a video tutorial (mac & pc format) to help you learn how to use patterns and styles. And, for all my designer fans out there, this set IS designer-use friendly!

NOTE: This offer has expired. This product will be available soon at Wendyzine Scraps @ Scrapbookgraphics!

These patterns are the perfect complement to my newest release: ACTION: Button Maker. It’s still on sale through today only, so pick it up now, if you haven’t already! I hope you enjoy them! Have a lovely holiday and happy scrapping!

You got here from either True Blue Designs or Melinda’s Scrap Corner.
Tomorrow, be sure to visit Studio Rosey Posey AND Lovely Miss Kait for more goodies!