Keepsake Template

This sweet and simple template set will help you preserve that special moment in time when a new baby arrives into the world. Record historical events, cultural happenings, and other fun facts related to the day and year of birth. Scrap a page in 12×12 or print one out to be framed…a special gift for that new Mom in your life!
12×12 Boy Template (TIF & PSD format)
12×12 Girl Template (TIF & PSD format)
8.5×11 Boy Template (TIF & PSD format)
8.5×11 Girl Template (TIF & PSD format)
7 doodles (PNG format)

Personal use or S4H only.

Push a Button and Watch It Scrap

My ScrapIt Actions and Power Scrap It Collab with Katie were featured on The Daily Digi on Saturday. Check out the post for a fabulous interview with Katie, and a fun video of Steph scrapping a layout with one of the ScrapIt actions!


In honor of this special feature, all the original ScrapIt Actions are on sale through the end of August!

Saving Layered Tifs

I’ve had this question a few times this week, so I thought I’d post the answer right here!

Why do your actions/scripts save as Tifs instead of PSDs?
In most cases, if you use the right settings, a layered TIF will be smaller than a layered PSD. Layered TIFs use lossless compression, which means the image is not degraded at all like it is when you save a JPG. When you save a layered TIF, you can choose from several different settings. If you use the setting for the smallest file, it does take a little longer to save. In my experience, saving a layered TIF saves up to 40% over the layered PSD file.

What are the optimal settings for a layered TIF?
1. Be sure to check the LAYERS button in the first SAVE AS dialogue box.
2. On the second dialogue box, choose LZW Image Compression.
3. Choose PC or MAC (depending on your computer) in the Byte Order section.
4. Choose ZIP compression for the smallest file. It does take longer to save.

Are there any disadvantages with layered TIFs?
The disadvantage of layered TIF is that it the layers can only be opened in Photoshop/Elements. If you try to open a layered TIF in another program, such as Paint Shop Pro, it will open as a flattened file.

Let me know if you have any questions about this or anything else! Happy Scrapping!

Power Scrap It Video Tutorial

Want a closer look at what the Power Scrap It Scripts and Actions can do? Take a look at this video. (Be sure to read the PDF tutorial included in the purchase as well as it contains more important information!)


Script: Power Scrap It Collab

Be sure to stop by ScrapbookLady Pages to read what Katie had to say about this set we collabed on, and to see some wonderful sample pages she created using these scripts and actions. (Hint, hint, she might just have a coupon for you!)

I recently had a revelation. When I’m working on a major album, I change the way I scrap. I don’t work on one page at a time. I work on like tasks in smaller chunks of time. I’m more productive when I group like tasks together over a series of pages. This revelation, though new to me, was not new at all, as I came to find out!In fact, Katie the Scrapbook Lady (from ScrapbookladyPages & The Daily Digi) pioneered an entire method based on this idea called “Power Scrapping.” The concept is simple, but, well, powerful! Instead of thinking in terms of one page at a time, start thinking in terms of scrapping tasks like sorting photos, matching them to templates and kits, pulling in papers and elements, etc.Katie and I have teamed up to take Power Scrapping to the next level with this unique set of actions and templates. You can quickly start new layouts, import templates, rotate, flip or flop them, add photos, batch add elements, papers and more with or without shadows! This set of actions does all the busy work for you, leaving you more time for the part you love… the creative part!

This set includes actions and scripts, along with the optional templates. You’ll get a video tutorial on using the actions and a PDF on how to install them correctly. Pay careful attention on where to install your scripts and actions. It’s not hard… just copy and paste to the right location for your version of Photoshop or Elements and your Operations System (XP, Vista/W7, Mac).

8 12×12 PSD/TIF templates with a variety of photo options (by Katie the Scrapbook Lady)
4 Layout Starters (8×8, 12×12, Custom, Template)
5 Rotaters (Rotate templates left, right, 180° or flip up or down)
3 Photo Placers (Adds photos and lets you position them.)
4 Add Actions (Add an element, paper, title or journaling)
5 Batch Add Actions (Add an entire folder of images in 5 shadow options, large and small, top and bottom, or no shadow; PSE users see the tutorial for special instructions)
PDF Tutorial (Installating and explaining each action)
Video Tutorial (On using the Power Scrap Actions)

Personal use and scrap-4-hire use okay. Tested in PSCS3-5, English only; PSE 6-9.

Action: Diptych It

ACTION: DiptychIt


After reading this post at The Daily Digi, I was hooked on the idea of the diptych! Put together two images that tell a story in and of themselves. Add the diptych to your layout for a fun way to preserve your memories and tell your stories!

You set the background and border colors first. Then, select the photos and crop them as the action runs. Includes resize actions for posting in newsletters, blogs and more! Video tutorial included.

DiptychIt Action
600px Resize Action
575px Resize Action
500px Resize Action
475px Resize Action
400px Resize Action
300px Resize Action
1 Video Tutorial (Mac & PC format)
Installing Actions Tutorial (PDF)

These actions have been tested on PSE6-9 and PSCS2-5 (English & German).  This product is for personal use or S4H-use without any additional license.

SCRIPT: Alpha Cutter-Saver 2.0

3-DAYS ONLY: 20% OFF! UPGRADE PRICING AVAILABLE. Purchasers of previous versions will be sent a coupon via email.

Runs faster and more streamlined.
Actions are pre-recorded.

Video tutorial included.Save time… join the revolution and stop hand saving your alphas! Designers can cut and save alpha sheets with a few clicks of the mouse. The best thing about these scripts is that you are not limited to a template. Your letters can be any size, anywhere on the sheet. Some designers even use it to cut and save their elements.

The alpha cutter script will allow you to select your letters with the marquis tool and will cut them to their own layers, allowing you to name them. The alpha saver will then trim and save each layer to a PNG file.

Files are automatically named DESTINATIONNAME>LAYERNAME.PNG and as always, are trimmed without losing any pixels. Included is a video tutorial on installing and using the scripts and actions.

Personal use and designer use okay. Tested in PSCS2-5.5, English and French; PSE 6-9.

TEMPLATE: DigiScrap Organizer Booklet Add-On

By customer request, this booklet-style add-on to my Digi Scrap Organizer templates will help you track each layout you create. Print on a sheet of 8.5×11 paper, front to back then short fold and insert in a binder. Includes sections on designer requirements, sketches, notes, and even a spot to put the completed layout.

Layered PSDs and TIFs allow you to modify the type within the grids to your needs.

These forms can be used for your own personal use, in the course of your scrapping, creative team requirements or designing. Designers cannot resell these forms, but can use them to track your own business needs.

Action: Hide Shadows {PSE}


A favorite designer tool (now available for Photoshop® Elements) this action hides your external shadows, leaving only the overlapping ones. Run this action after applying drop shadow layer styles. If you wish to add custom warped shadows on their own layers, run the action first and add the shadows after.


These actions are for personal use, Scrap-4-Hire and designer use at no adiditional fee.

TESTED IN PSCE6-9, on Mac and PC. (Photoshop CS version available separately.)

Action: Paper Stacker

Love stacking papers, but want to make it easier? Add more value to your kits by offering customers paper stacks in addition to single background papers! This set gives you complete control over the size and placement of your papers. Default styles are applied, but you can change them. You choose the papers as the actions run. Designer-friendly and video tutorial included.

8 actions (2-papers thru 8-papers)
Saver action (saves layered TIF and JPG)
1 Video Tutorial (Mac & PC format)
Installing Actions Tutorial (PDF)
These actions have been tested on PSE6-9 and PSCS2-5.5.  This product is for personal use, S4H-use, or designer-use without any additional license.

Love stacked papers? Looking for fun new arrangements? Want to make stacking papers fast and easy? This set of 30 actions will help you stack 2 to 8 papers in a jiffy. You choose the papers as the actions run. Video tutorial included.

5 two-paper actions
13 three-paper actions
7 four-paper actions
3 five-paper actions
1 six-paper actions
1 eight-paper actions
1 Video Tutorial (Mac & PC format)
Installing Actions Tutorial (PDF)
These actions have been tested on PSE6-9 and PSCS2-5.5.  This product is for personal use or S4H-use without any additional license.