Action: Template Adjuster A4

Template creators, your life just got easier! This set of actions converts your layered templates or quick pages into additional sizes for your customers. Start with a square 12×12 or 8×8 page and your template will be resized to A4 (horizontal or vertical). Includes a saver action to save both a PSD, TIF and thumbnail JPG copy.Scrappers, this action is for you too! If you scrap in letter size, you can resize any square template quickly and easily to fit your scrapping style.INCLUDES:
A4 Horizontal Action
A4 Vertical Action
PSD/TIF/JPG Saver Action
Video Tutorial
PDF Installation Tutorial

Tested in PSCS2-5, PSE6-10. Mac & PC.

Also Available Separately: Template Adjuster (Letter) Template Clipper for scrapping with templates; Template Converter for creating templates from layouts; Export Template PNGs Script for saving templates to individual PNGs (CS and PSE) for DIP users.

Personal Use, Scrap-4-Hire Use and Designer Use okay. (Designers may not use these actions to create templates for other designers, or convert templates for other designers. If you need that service, contact me, please.)

Action: Calendar Poster Bundle

Scrap up a 12×12 or 8.5×11 poster calendar in minutes with these easy actions. Choose 13 papers or photos and a background paper. Then, select one of the provided calendar brushes (Sun-Sat or Mon-Sun). You can always use your own calendar stamps too! Finish it off with a few embellishments from your stash and you have a fabulous calendar to adorn your wall or give as a gift.Plus, the actions allow for a lot of flexibility. Move things around as the action runs. Or, make adjustments later. All layers are left intact!

12×12 and Letter Calendar Poster Action
12×12 and Letter Calendar Stamp Action (adds the dates to the calendar)
8 Calendar Stamps (PNG; 2012/2013 letter and classic in su-sa and m-su formats)
2 Layered PSD/TIF templates
Video Tutorial
Installing Actions PDF Tutorial

BONUS: Take a sneak peek at my Subway Art Poster action by watching the video tutorial!

This action set is for personal and S4H use only. Photographer use is permitted under the S4H license.

Tested in PSE6-10, PSCS2-5.5. Kit not included. (Special thanks to the Studio Girls for use of Studio Mix Natural Elegance in the Tutorial.)

Action: Round It Up {Add-On}

Now you can scrap your Round Up Collages onto a Letter-Size page instead of 12×12! Create your collages with the original Round It Up actions. Then, run this add-on to scrap them. Choose from horiztonal or vertical options. Scrap both the collage page and the journaling page.

NOTE: This is an add-on to the Round It Up Collab and requires a premade collage.

4 Scrap Actions (horizontal & vertical; collage layout & journaling)
PDF Tutorials (Installing Actions)

Personal use and scrap-4-hire use okay. Tested in PSCS2-5.5, English & German; PSE 6-9.

Toolkit: Shutterfly 8×11

A while back, Shutterfly changed their 8×11 (Classic) book size to add more bleed. I finally found time to update my toolkit and it’s been re-released. It’s on sale for one week for just $2 to allow anyone who wants to upgrade to get it at the special pricing. There is just one caveat. And that is Shutterfly cannot tell me how the changes affect their “peek-a-boo” window for this book size. I did my best and added the extra bleed the same way I did it on the other pages. However, please know that this is my best guess and not official. I do not claim it is accurate. It’s always a good idea to take special care looking at your proofs when creating your books. And, if possible, leave some extra room in your design for any discrepancies.

If you have any questions, let me know! Here’s what’s included in the 8×11 Toolkit:

Version 2b: NEWLY UPDATED 09-11. This 8×11 size book was changed by Shutterlfy in 06-11. This download includes new 8×11 templates. (See note on Peek-a-boo template below.)

These innovative products by Wendyzine Scraps have been designed to help you design and prepare your 8×11 (formerly Classic) Shutterfly Photo Books according to Shutterfly’s specificatons.

Blank layered 11×8.5 page templates in PSD and TIF format
Blank layered template for new hardcover option in PSD and TIF format
8×11 (Classic) Action for resizing your 11×8.5 layered Photoshop file to Shutterfly’s specs
Square Action for placing square layouts onto a Classic photo book page, with credits or journaling
Peek-a-boo template (shows through optional Die Cut Window) in PSD and TIF format (NOTE: This template is my best guess. Shutterfly could not supply the actual specs. “As for the die cut cover specs, we do not have those at this time. Our All New Custom Path is a new product for us and we are working on focusing the slight variations that may occur with our new method to be sure that your image would appear in the window of the book cover.”)

NOTE: These products have been tested on PSCS2-5, PSE6-9. This product is available in a Personal/Scrap-4-Hire Use version as well as a Professional/Designer Use version. If you purchase the Professional/Designer Use version, you may use these items in the creation of products you sell. You may NOT sell this product AS IS, or as a kit containing only these items. A Professional/Designer Use TOU will be emailed to you, so be sure your profile is up to date.