TEMPLATE: Pocket Pages

Want a faster way to scrap? An easier way to catch up on all those piles of photos? Want to escape from the guilt of unscrapped photos? Or, maybe you just have project that you’d like to work on digitally! These actions help you scrap pocket-style pages using any photos, papers or journal cards in your stash. And, even better, they also work with Becky Higgins’ Project Life digi supplies.

This is the Templates Only edition which comes with 7 pocket-style templates. Clip your papers, photos and cards to the blocks, toss on a background paper and a few embellishments (don’t forget to add your story) and you’re done!

So, if you’ve been held back from creating Pocket Pages because you really wanted it to be digi, now’s the time to try it!

7 Layout Templates (PSD and TIF formats)
(6 are 12×12, 1 is 10×12)
Cheat Sheet (PDF format)
Video Tutorial (Introduction to the actions; WMV, MOV formats)

Special thanks to Steph at The Daily Digi for her inspiration with this set.

Available Separately: Pocket Pages Actions for those who want to Scrap It Fast. And, coming soon, Pocket Pages 2!

Saving Layered Tifs

I’ve had this question a few times this week, so I thought I’d post the answer right here!

Why do your actions/scripts save as Tifs instead of PSDs?
In most cases, if you use the right settings, a layered TIF will be smaller than a layered PSD. Layered TIFs use lossless compression, which means the image is not degraded at all like it is when you save a JPG. When you save a layered TIF, you can choose from several different settings. If you use the setting for the smallest file, it does take a little longer to save. In my experience, saving a layered TIF saves up to 40% over the layered PSD file.

What are the optimal settings for a layered TIF?
1. Be sure to check the LAYERS button in the first SAVE AS dialogue box.
2. On the second dialogue box, choose LZW Image Compression.
3. Choose PC or MAC (depending on your computer) in the Byte Order section.
4. Choose ZIP compression for the smallest file. It does take longer to save.

Are there any disadvantages with layered TIFs?
The disadvantage of layered TIF is that it the layers can only be opened in Photoshop/Elements. If you try to open a layered TIF in another program, such as Paint Shop Pro, it will open as a flattened file.

Let me know if you have any questions about this or anything else! Happy Scrapping!