Action: Washi Tape {Collab}

Love washi tape? Can’t get enough of it, and wish that every kit had it? Now you can create your own from any paper!Amanda Rockwell and I teamed up to bring you this handy set of products, Made To Match! Amanda expertly scanned and extracted a set of masking tape and I created an action that adds a patterned paper (or photo) to the tape, creating a fun and unique washi tape ready to place on your favorite layout!PERSONAL USE VERSION INCLUDES:
Amanda’s CU Tape
10 pieces of plain masking tape in PNG format

ACTION: Washi Tape It
2 actions for 2 different image intensities
2 styles for switching between the intensities
video tutorial

Personal use and scrap-4-hire use only. {For a commercial use version, check out my commercial use actions.) Tested in PSCS2+, PSE6-10.

Can’t get enough washi tape, and want to add it to every kit you make? Now you can create your own custom washi tapes from any paper and tape! The Designer-Use version is just what you need! It contains the same Made To Match masking tape, also available for designer-use as described above. COMMERCIAL USE VERSION INCLUDES:
Amanda’s CU Tape
10 pieces of plain masking tape in PNG formatACTION: Washi Tape It
2 actions for 2 different image intensities
2 styles for switching between the intensities
video tutorial

Commerical Use okay.

Script: Style Packer


Anna Forrest Designs and I teamed up once again to bring you another amazing time-saving tool! You can now create install files for Photoshop® Elements using your saved styles (asl format) and a few clicks of your mouse. Just save your styles, run the script, choose your style file, save location and category name, and let the script do the rest. No more editing XML files and entering line after line of style names. This script will do it for you and provide the XML files for both PSE6 and PSE7-10.

1 script
1 action (W7/Vista, XP, Mac)
1 Video Tutorial (Mac & PC format)
Using Style Packer Tutorial (PDF)
Installing Styles Tutorial (PDF)

This script/action combo works only in PSCS3+.  This product is okay for designer use. (NOTE: This script will not create the styles for you. It only creates the XML files so you can provide install files for your customers.)

NOTE: This script assumes that the options you choose in your styles are PSE-compatible. I highly recommend testing the newly created install files in PSE to be sure your styles are compatible and load as expected.

Action: Round It Up A4

Now you can scrap your Round Up Collages onto an A4-Size page instead of 12×12 or Letter! Create your collages with the original Round It Up actions. Then, run this add-on to scrap them. Choose from horiztonal or vertical options. Scrap both the collage page and the journaling page.NOTE: This is an add-on to the Round It Up Collab and requires a premade collage.

4 Scrap Actions (horizontal & vertical; collage layout & journaling)
PDF Tutorials (Installing Actions)

Personal use and scrap-4-hire use okay. Tested in PSCS2-5.5, English & German; PSE 6-9.

Push a Button and Watch It Scrap

My ScrapIt Actions and Power Scrap It Collab with Katie were featured on The Daily Digi on Saturday. Check out the post for a fabulous interview with Katie, and a fun video of Steph scrapping a layout with one of the ScrapIt actions!


In honor of this special feature, all the original ScrapIt Actions are on sale through the end of August!

Script: Power Scrap It Collab

Be sure to stop by ScrapbookLady Pages to read what Katie had to say about this set we collabed on, and to see some wonderful sample pages she created using these scripts and actions. (Hint, hint, she might just have a coupon for you!)

I recently had a revelation. When I’m working on a major album, I change the way I scrap. I don’t work on one page at a time. I work on like tasks in smaller chunks of time. I’m more productive when I group like tasks together over a series of pages. This revelation, though new to me, was not new at all, as I came to find out!In fact, Katie the Scrapbook Lady (from ScrapbookladyPages & The Daily Digi) pioneered an entire method based on this idea called “Power Scrapping.” The concept is simple, but, well, powerful! Instead of thinking in terms of one page at a time, start thinking in terms of scrapping tasks like sorting photos, matching them to templates and kits, pulling in papers and elements, etc.Katie and I have teamed up to take Power Scrapping to the next level with this unique set of actions and templates. You can quickly start new layouts, import templates, rotate, flip or flop them, add photos, batch add elements, papers and more with or without shadows! This set of actions does all the busy work for you, leaving you more time for the part you love… the creative part!

This set includes actions and scripts, along with the optional templates. You’ll get a video tutorial on using the actions and a PDF on how to install them correctly. Pay careful attention on where to install your scripts and actions. It’s not hard… just copy and paste to the right location for your version of Photoshop or Elements and your Operations System (XP, Vista/W7, Mac).

8 12×12 PSD/TIF templates with a variety of photo options (by Katie the Scrapbook Lady)
4 Layout Starters (8×8, 12×12, Custom, Template)
5 Rotaters (Rotate templates left, right, 180° or flip up or down)
3 Photo Placers (Adds photos and lets you position them.)
4 Add Actions (Add an element, paper, title or journaling)
5 Batch Add Actions (Add an entire folder of images in 5 shadow options, large and small, top and bottom, or no shadow; PSE users see the tutorial for special instructions)
PDF Tutorial (Installating and explaining each action)
Video Tutorial (On using the Power Scrap Actions)

Personal use and scrap-4-hire use okay. Tested in PSCS3-5, English only; PSE 6-9.

Every Little Bit Counts

With the season of giving, gratitude and joy upon us, Maya, owner of Scrapbookgraphics, thought it would be fun to organize a collaborative charity project that demonstrates the simple truth that “Every Little Bit Counts.” The result is this collection of unique elements (one per designer). All profits from the sales of Every Little Bit Counts will go to the Toronto Sick Kids Foundation. And, it’s only $5. So, do your bit, and purchase it if you haven’t already. It feature an action by me, of course, and is available for only a limited time. You can read a lot more about it on the Studio Matters Blog.

For only $5 you will receive 87 unique digital elements. You will also receive your own digital print drawer converted to a 12 x 12 size, with back removed as a separate layer for easy element placement. Plus, as an added bonus you will also receive a really fun Photoshop action that will automatically insert your choice of elements into the print tray drawer. (Action tested in PSE 5-9, CS3-5)

Thanks for looking & Happy Scrapping!