PS & PSE Actions

Photoshop and Photoshop Elements Actions and Scripts are powerful digital scrapbooking tools for Digi Scrappers.  These digital tools have proven to make a more effective use of your time and getting your photos ready to share! Click on any of the Images or Titles below to find more information! You can find all my Digital Scrapbooking Actions and Tools at Studio Wendy.

ACTION: Overlay Toolkit

ACTION: Resize Custom

ACTION: Frame Blender

ACTION: Brush It Batcher

ACTION: Pattern Styler

ACTION: Pattern Palooza CC

ACTION: Word Strip Batcher

ACTION: Overlay Extractor

TOOLKIT: Project Life App Complete Bundle

TOOLKIT: Project Life App Journal Card Add-On

TOOLKIT: Project Life App Standard Pack

ACTION: Export One PNG

ACTION: Displace It

ACTION: 2016 Calendar Bookmarks

ACTION: Artifact Eraser

ACTION: Shadow Magic & Shadow Magic Pro

ACTION: Tagger It v2

SCRIPT: Power Scrap It {Collab} V2

ACTION: Cluster It Tagger Edition

BUNDLE: Embellisher 1-5

ACTION: Embellisher {5}

ACTION: Stroke It

ACTION: Embellisher {1}

BUNDLE: Printables 1-4

ACTION: Double Paper Stacker

ACTION: Double Paper Stacker Pro

ACTION: Cluster Collages

ACTION: Double Lay Flat Toolkit

Shutterfly Toolkit: 10×10

ACTION: Color Me Patterns {Stripes}

ACTION: Color Me Patterns {Circles}

ACTION: Embellisher {4}

ACTION: Embellisher {3}

ACTION: Embellisher {2}

ACTION: Cluster Collages

ACTION: 2015 Calendar Bookmarks W/ Templates

ACTION: Gift Tags

ACTION: Double Dates

ACTION: Make Me Papers Pro

ACTIONS: Make Me Papers

ACTION: Sketch It

ACTION: Teeth Whitener

ACTION: Photo Effects 5

ACTION: Confetti Maker

TOOLKIT: Persnickety Prints {Photo Cards}

ACTION: Button Fixer

TEMPLATES: 2014 Calendar Brushes

ACTION: Pattern Maker

ACTION: Reconstruct It Crop

ACTION: Reconstruct It Content Aware

ACTION: Double Shadow


ACTION: Template Adjuster {Blurb}

TOOLKIT: Persnickety Prints Journal Cards

ACTION: Crop Mark It Cards

ACTION: Crop Mark It

ACTION: Die Cuts Bundle

Chalk It and The Case of the Missing Freebie

Flash Cards w/ Bonus Actions

Cluster It {1} v2 Re-Release

Action: Lunch Box Notes

Action: Thank Em

Action: Smart Objects

Action: Grid It

Action: Save It Combo

Action: Protect Them

Action: Paper Sizer w/ Bonus

Action: Paper Sizer Cards

Update: Alpha Cutter/Saver 3.0

Action: Quality Check It {PSCS}

Action: Quality Check It {PSE}

Action: Banner It

Action: Banner It Pro

Action: Frame It

Action: Cluster It {2}

Action: Pocket Pages {2} Journal

Action: Template Adjuster A4

Action: Pocket Sizer

Action: Scrap It P365 Phone

Action: Washi Tape {Collab}

Action: Tagger It

Script: Style Packer

Action: Round It Up A4

Action: Subway It

Action: Calendar Poster Bundle

Action: ScrapIt Pocket Pages {1}

Action: Round It Up {Add-On}

Action: Round It Up with Katie the Scrapbooklady

Action: Flare It

Action: Scrap It Album 1

Toolkit: Shutterfly 8×11

Script: Power Scrap It Collab

Action: Diptych It

Action: Hide Shadows {PSE}

Action: Paper Stacker

Action: Photo Booth It

Action: Stack It {1}

Template: Ticket Invite

Action: Film It

Action: Strip Maker