Digital Scrapbook: PSE 11


Adobe released Photoshop Elements 11 this week! I haven’t gotten my hands on a copy yet, but I’ve been following Katie The Scrapbook Lady’s reviews and tips over at her blog. And, there is great news to report!

Actions and styles just got easier! You can now load and unload actions and styles like you do in the full CS versions of Photoshop! No more fumbling about in your hidden files to find the correct install locations! The added benefit of this is that you can now forgo the XML files and thumbnail files when you install my actions! For now, I’d recommend using the ACTION PLAYER version I’ve included in the PSE7-10 install files. This will keep all your actions together in one “folder” while still using the PSE versions. Here’s a quick install tip… Double-click your .ATN file and it will load into your Actions Panel automatically now! You may see the following message the first time you try. If you do, just select the second option, locate Photoshop Elements 11 in your applications folder, and select it. You should only have to do that once.


Not sure if you should upgrade? Adobe has this handy chart for feature comparisons to help you decide if you want to upgrade. Let me know if you have any questions! Post in the comments or shoot me an email.

Important Information for CS6 Users

NOTE: Adobe has fixed the following problem with the CS6 08/12 update.
CS6 Update for Vista/Windows 7 Users
I’ve had some recent reports from Vista/Windows 7 users who upgraded to CS6 that some of my actions are no longer working. I’ve been in touch with Adobe and it seems to be a bug with CS6. They are working on a fix. In the meantime, they suggest tweaking the view settings as follows:
Un-check “Enable Floating Windows Docking.”
Un-check “Open Documents in Tabs.”
Hopefully it will be fixed when they release the 13.0.1 upgrade. Again, this only seems to affect Vista/Windows 7 users who are running CS6. If anyone comes across any other tips for getting the actions to work, feel free to email me and I’ll pass the information on to Adobe!
CS Update for Alpha Cutter/Alpha Saver
I recently released a new updated version of my Alpha Cutter/Alpha Saver script set to make it compatible with CS6. I sent out a coupon to everyone who purchased previously for a discount on the upgrade. If you didn’t receive your coupon and would like it reissued, contact me. If you aren’t upgrading to CS6, you don’t need the upgraded scripts. There are no new features.

Daily Digi Feature

I’m so excited to be featured at The Daily Digi this month! Two brand new actions are available in their Digi Files, available to their members. A subscription is only $7.50/month or less if you subscribe to an annual plan. You’ll get my two actions above, plus 6 other brand new products. It’s the best deal in digi, so check it out! And, be sure to stop by and read my interview and leave a comment for a chance to win $10 to Wendyzine Scraps @ Scrapbookgraphics. Also at the end of the post is a 25% off coupon, so grab that while you’re there!
The Daily Digi offers readers and paid members so much in the way of inspiration, tutorials, and digi goodness on a daily basis, so if you aren’t hooked already, visit their site to see what they have waiting for you.

Submit Your Action Idea!

You can now submit your action ideas at any time by using this online form. You can get to it in the sidebar of the blog now too! If I select your idea, you’ll get to test the action, provide feedback, and get the final version free!

Check It Out! Quality Check It, That Is

I worked with Steph from The Daily Digi to put together a comprehensive guide to quality digital design. It’s free and now available for download! Head over and check it out. It’s perfect for scrappers who want to learn what to look for in quality designs, as well as for new and seasoned designers who want to ensure they are providing the best possible quality products to their customers.

Adobe Creative Suite 6 Announced


Today Adobe announced Creative Suite 6. The are introducing a new subscription service, The Creative Cloud. I’ve been doing a little research on the purchase options and thought I’d share a few with you.

The highlights…

You can choose the traditional boxed version or the monthly subscription. The monthly subscription will be normally $50/mo, temporarily discounted to $30/mo (if you sign 1/yr contract) or $30/mo for educational discount.

For the box editions,
Photoshop ONLY UPGRADE: $199
Design Premium UPGRADE
From CS5: $550
From CS5.5: $275
Design Premium (STUDENT TEACHER): $349

Also of note is the fact that this will be the last time Adobe will allow upgrades from versions over one version old. So, if you have a version older than CS 5, you might want to take advantage of either the subscription or the special upgrade pricing before you’ll no longer get upgrade discounts.

With the Cloud:

1) You can install on 2 computers, but they may not be in use at the same time.
2) You can download Mac and PC versions at no extra charge.
3) Updates and other products will be no additional charge when introduced. (They claim Lightroom will be included later this year.)
4) Includes all Adobe products, not just PS.
5) Includes 20GB of cloud storage
6) May include iPad versions as well, but I’m not entirely clear on that.

Extra Credit

For further reading, check out these helpful articles:

CNET: 5 Reasons Adobe’s CS6 subscription is smart

TECH CRUNCH: Adobe Officially Unveils CS6 And Its $49/Month All-Inclusive Creative Cloud Subscription Service

MASHABLE: Adobe Creative Suite 6 Pricing Revealed

THE VERGE: Adobe announces CS6 pricing and pre-orders, estimated delivery May 7th

MACWORLD: Adobe Creative Suite 6 and Creative Cloud: What you need to know

PCMAG: Adobe Releases Creative Suite 6 (CS6)

I hope this info helps navigating the new Photoshop and Creative Suite options!

Push a Button and Watch It Scrap

My ScrapIt Actions and Power Scrap It Collab with Katie were featured on The Daily Digi on Saturday. Check out the post for a fabulous interview with Katie, and a fun video of Steph scrapping a layout with one of the ScrapIt actions!


In honor of this special feature, all the original ScrapIt Actions are on sale through the end of August!

Saving Layered Tifs

I’ve had this question a few times this week, so I thought I’d post the answer right here!

Why do your actions/scripts save as Tifs instead of PSDs?
In most cases, if you use the right settings, a layered TIF will be smaller than a layered PSD. Layered TIFs use lossless compression, which means the image is not degraded at all like it is when you save a JPG. When you save a layered TIF, you can choose from several different settings. If you use the setting for the smallest file, it does take a little longer to save. In my experience, saving a layered TIF saves up to 40% over the layered PSD file.

What are the optimal settings for a layered TIF?
1. Be sure to check the LAYERS button in the first SAVE AS dialogue box.
2. On the second dialogue box, choose LZW Image Compression.
3. Choose PC or MAC (depending on your computer) in the Byte Order section.
4. Choose ZIP compression for the smallest file. It does take longer to save.

Are there any disadvantages with layered TIFs?
The disadvantage of layered TIF is that it the layers can only be opened in Photoshop/Elements. If you try to open a layered TIF in another program, such as Paint Shop Pro, it will open as a flattened file.

Let me know if you have any questions about this or anything else! Happy Scrapping!

Power Scrap It Video Tutorial

Want a closer look at what the Power Scrap It Scripts and Actions can do? Take a look at this video. (Be sure to read the PDF tutorial included in the purchase as well as it contains more important information!)


SBG’s Studio Mix #1



Introducing SBG’s Brand New Studio Mix!

After four years and a successful run of our “Impressions of” kits, The Studio Girls Collective have decided that we are ready for a change at Scrapbookgraphics. We have thoughtfully arranged Studio Girls together into small stylistically harmonic groups. The gig was simple. Each group chose their own theme and colour pallet, and in a dynamic designer jam, they rocked it out until the kit was complete. The end result is our exciting new Studio Mix line of Studio Girls’ Collective kits. Leading us off with our first Studio Mix Group is Baers Garten, Charlize and Studio Q.

We didn’t know exactly what the final outcome would be when we put this trio together but we knew we could depend on some sugary sweetness. “Good Day Sunshine” is a delightful little diddy that celebrates the simple joys of summertime backyard play. In a splash of cheerful colours “Good Day Sunshine” brings you a medley of playful elements and papers perfect for scrapping the happiest of memories. Studio Buttercup also jumped in on the fun, with an adorable hop scotch template that is to die for. We have even included a surprise Quick page that will come free with the purchase of this Mix. On the Flip side of the Mix is our “B Sides”, which are Add-On Packages.

This month’s B Side is a cute collection of 4 whimsical Quick Pages. You can pick up “Good Day Sunshine” and the “Good Day Sunshine B Side Quick Pages” at a special introductory, early bird price of 20% off until June 12th. So grab yours today and start collecting this first in our new Studio Mix series.

P.S. Keep your eyes open for our next kit in the series, when we partner up Flergs, with Miss Vivi and Julia Makotinsky for what promises to be one seriously hot Mix.