ACTION: Pattern Maker Mini

This quick action set helps you transform any element or doodle into a repeating pattern. This is a much simpler version of my previous Pattern Maker actions.

Two option… 1) Run the action and draw on the canvas. Then it creates the pattern. 2) Take any existing image, run the action to create the pattern. The final action saves your pattern to Photoshop for use or to export and sell.

Video included!



2 Pattern Maker Mini actions

1 Pattern Saver action

1 Video Tutorial


Tested in PSCC+, PSE11+. Mac and PC.

Designer Use Okay!

ACTION: Silver/Gold/Copper


Turn any layer into metal! Inspired by a retired designer I loved, I set out to recreate and revamp a set of smooth and rough metal actions. Choose from solid or border actions in silver, gold and copper. You control the thickness of the borders.

Gold: Rough Action, Smooth Action, Rough Border Action, Smooth Border Action
Silver: Rough Action, Smooth Action, Rough Border Action, Smooth Border Action
Copper: Rough Action, Smooth Action, Rough Border Action, Smooth Border Action

​​​​​​​Video Tutorial Included. Tested PSCC+ (This set will NOT work in PSE.)


ACTION: Overlay Toolkit


Hot off the presses, I have a new Overlay Toolkit for you! This action set allows you to add one or two overlays to a paper or color, or an overlay to a shape or elements. There’s also a layer flipper to change the way the overlay is applied. I’ve also included my older Overlay Maker action for converting scanned textures into overlays. Plus, you get 3 overlays to play with. And, don’t forget the helpful “how-to” video!

Add 1 Overlay Paper Action
Add 2 Overlay Paper Action
Overlay Flipper Action
Overlay Reverter Action (undo the flipper)
Add Overlay Element Action
Add Overlay Shape Action
1 Video Tutorials

Converting your scans or photos to overlays has never been easier! Choose from 2 options. The first resizes to 12×12 first. The other uses a solid 12×12 jpg. Either way, the action leads you through converting it to a transparent layer. Video tutorial included!

2 Overlay actions
1 Video Tutorial
Install Instructions

Tested in PSCC, PSE11+, Mac & PC

Designer Use, S4H and Personal Use okay.

ACTION: Resize Custom

For a limited time, I will customize this resize action for your specific needs! Simply purchase this version of the action for $5 instead of $15-$20. In the comments section, include the following information, (or email

  • The sizes you need
  • Color pop/sharpen ON or OFF
  • Photoshop or Elements version you are using

Common sizes include 1200px, 600px, 500px, 350px, 200px, etc. I will adapt the action to create a copy of your layout/preview in the sizes YOU need. Actions will come with sharpen and color pop unless you indicate otherwise. (These options can be removed by request.)

Included for demonstration purposes, two customized versions of this action set.
— WZ_ResizeCustom36-9-8-7-6 saves a JPG at 100%, 900px, 800px, 700px and 600px; with sharpen and color pop
— WZ_ResizeCustomBatchV2 saves a JPG at 1000px, 900px, 800px, 600px and 350px; without sharpen and color pop

Two ways to use the actions. (Batching can only be done in PSCS. PSE users will have to use the first option.)

1) Open a layered file in Photoshop. Make sure your layered file has already been saved. Run the Combo action to save a 1000px, 800px, 600px and 350px version. You must edit the name yourself and press enter for each save step.

2) Batch them. Copy all your previews (Photoshop format, or full size JPG) to a folder. Create 4 empty folders for 1000px, 800px, 600px and 350px. Go to FILE>AUTOMATE>BATCH and choose the 1000px action from the dropdown. Set the options per the screen shot (including save settings and filename conventions). Set the SAVE folder to the 1000px folder. Let Photoshop run and save the 1000px previews. Repeat for the 600px action and the 350px action.

ACTION: Frame Blender

Do you love those awesome blended photo layouts, complete with out of bounds effects? This action will lead you through creating completely custom layouts using any masks and frames in your stash! (If you need some masks or frames, be sure to check our vast supply here at Scrapbookgraphics!)

1 Frame Blender action with drop shadow
1 Frame Blender action without drop shadow
1 Add Cluster action with drop shadow
1 Add Cluster action without drop shadow
1 Video Tutorial

Personal use and S4H. Designers who want to create frame clusters or templates to sell must choose the DESIGNER USE TOU from the drop down menu below.

Doodle Bundle @ Creative Market

Doodle Bundle includes the following 4 actions sets:

Doodle Extractor Everything you need to extract your scanned doodles. The extractor removes the white background and trims excess background. Includes stroke styles for identifying stray pixels. Brush action included for making a brush from your doodle.

Video tutorial included above. You may sell the doodles you extract with the Doodle Extractor.

Doodle Filler Fill in the empty areas of your doodle with your foreground color. Use the magic want to select the section you want to fill. Run the action to add a new layer, expand the selection, fill the layer with color and a stroke. When you are done, you can use the warp action to distort the border.

You may sell the doodles you color with the Doodle Filler.

Doodle Painter Similar to the Doodle Filler, Doodle Painter allows you to paint your doodle sections with any color and texture that you want. 3 textures are included.

You may sell the doodles you paint with the Doodle Painter.

AI Doodle Tracer Prefer to have your doodles in vector format? This action for Illustrator converts your scanned doodles into vector graphics, smooths, simplifies and even exports to PSCS/CC.

You may sell the doodles you trace with the AI Doodle Tracer.

These actions have been tested in CS2-CC2015. You must have Illustrator to run the AI Doodle Tracer. You must have Photoshop to run the Doodle Extractor, Doodle Filler and Doodle Painter.

PDF Tutorial Included


ACTION: Brush It Batcher



Quickly save an entire folder of images as brushes in photoshop. Simply name each brush as the action runs. Includes video tutorial and settings screen shot.

Brush Batching Action
Video Tutorial

PSCS/CC Only. Although the action should run in PSE, it will not batch, which is the point of the action. PSE users can consider the original Brush It action for one-off brushes.

Sketch It Actions @ Creative Market

Convert your photo into a black and white or colorized sketch. Choose from a non-textured version or textured version for each. Each set comes with an auto option for running with default settings. Or a custom option for a unique look. Simply run the action, choose the intensity of the effect, then paint on the sketch layers to reveal or hide some or all of the effect.

Once you apply the sketch effect to your image, you can clip it to a mask, blend it into your background, frame it on a layout, or even print it onto a physical canvas and hang in your home. Video tutorial included!

INCLUDES: B&W auto action (w/ and w/o texture) B&W custom action (w/ and w/o texture) Color auto action (w/ and w/o texture) Color custom action (w/ and w/o texture) Video tutorial Install Instructions (pdf)

Tested in PSCS2-CC, PSE7+. Personal, S4H and Designer use okay.



Glitter Bundle @ Creative Market

This bundle contains: Glitter Brights Brushes & Styles Glitter Lights Brushes & Styles Glitter It Action

Quickly add a glitter border to any item using the Glitter It actions. Choose from a variety of inset/outset options. Then change the glitter color by applying any glitter style to the layer. You get 14 to choose from, both with and without drop shadow added. But, you can use any glitter or metallic style in your stash.

In addition, this set includes a variety of glitter brush shapes, perfectly scattered for your glittering pleasure.

Please check your stash. These products may be available in my other stores now or in the past.

Tested in Tested in PSCS2+, PSE5+, Mac & PC. PDF Installation tutorials included.



PNG+ABR Cutter Saver Scripts @ Creative Market

ABR EDITION: Saves an ABR in addition to PNGs.VERSION 3a: Fixes compression setting in CS6 for smaller files. VERSION 3.0: Now compatible with Photoshop CS6. VERSION 2.0: Runs faster and more streamlined. Actions are pre-recorded. Video tutorial included.

Save time… join the revolution and stop hand cutting and saving your images! Designers can cut and save individual images from a single transparent layer to separate PNG files with a few clicks of the mouse. The best thing about these scripts is that you are not limited to a template. Your images can be any size, anywhere on the sheet.

The cutter script will allow you to select your images with the marquis tool and will cut them to their own layers, allowing you to name them. It will then prompt you to save a brush version of the image. The saver action will then trim and save each layer to a PNG file.

Files are automatically named FOLDERNAMELAYERNAME.PNG and as always, are trimmed without losing any pixels. Included is a video tutorial on installing and using the scripts and actions.

Tested in PSCS6+; PSE 11+. MAC & PC. PDF installation instructions included.


Check your purchases. These products may also be available at my other stores.