Adobe Releases Photoshop Elements 2018

In case you weren’t paying attention, Adobe released Photoshop Elements 2018! (This is the update from version 15, and it makes sense given that Photoshop has been using years for their versions numbers since 2015.)

What’s new in PSE 2018?

Open Eyes Tool

This feature does exactly what it says! It uses additional photos of the same person to replace closed eyes with open ones. It’s a pretty nifty feature and is great for portraits or multi-person shots where you just cannot get the perfect combination.

Watercolor Guided Edit

If you’re not familiar with guided edits, you should really check them out. They lead you through creating special effects and complex operations and does a lot of the work for you. The watercolor guided edit quickly turns your image into a watercolor painting, complete with realistic texture.

Overlay Guided Edit

Crop your photo into shapes or masks for easy blending and masking. Scrapbookers have been doing this manually for years, so it may or may not be helpful to you. But it’s worth a try to see how it might fit into your scrappy workflow.

Replace Backgrounds

Swapping out backgrounds is something photographers love to do. You now have a guided edit to let you place your focal point onto a completely different image.

Auto Selection

Selections are some of the most time-consuming tasks in Photoshop. The new auto selection tool will snap a rough selection to the object’s outline for an easier selection experience!


If you use the Organizer, you can use the newly revamped slideshow feature to combine photos, text and videos into a true keepsake. Export to video or share to social media.

Upgrade Pricing

You can upgrade to Elements for $79.99 or to Elements + Premiere for $119.99. If you don’t already have a copy of Elements, the full price is $99.99 for Elements and $149.99 for Premiere. Premiere is Elements’ video component.

For help reviewing features from previous version of Elements compared to PSE 2018, click here.

For a comparison between PSE 2018 and PSE + Premiere 2018, click here.

Will I be upgrading to 2018? Eventually, yes! I need to be able to test and share features with you. Should you update? That’s  a personal decision of course! If you spend a lot of time removing background or making selections, then I’d say yes. If you’re the person who really enjoys new features and loves playing and learning your software, then definitely. If you usually upgrade every two years and you’re still using PSE14 or earlier, then I’d also recommend upgrading. If you have PSE15, and you don’t see a must have feature on the list, then you might want to skip this version, or wait for a super sale.

Brick Calendars 2018

These fun brick calendars will add a special touch to your project. You get:

Sept 2017-Dec 2017 and Jan 2018-Dec 2018

PNG, 300ppi

Personal Use Only

DSD Sale 2017


Shop @ Scrapbookgraphics (SBG)  •  Shop @ The Digital Scrapbooking Studio (DSS)

TEMPLATES: 2018 Calendars

All kinds of calendars updated for 2018. Many have CU license options.

Evolution of Fonts

In Photoshop Creative Cloud 2017, Adobe added the ability to use bitmap fonts. What’s a bitmap font? It’s basically an alpha turned into a font! Yes, you can actually type with your alphas.

How does it work? The font must be created and saved as a bitmap font. Then you can install it just like any fonts. I highly recommend only installing bitmap fonts when you are actually using them. They are very large files, much larger than traditional vector fonts. So they can take up a lot of your computer processing power. So if you plan on using bitmap fonts a lot, a font manager could be a great investment. Then you can simply enable and disable the fonts with a click as you need them.

Now that your font is loaded, it works just like a regular font. Just type away and as long as that alpha has the characters, you can type your titles using the font! I love this new feature. Now the trick is finding some bitmap fonts out there!

So, I’ve converted one of my old alphas to a bitmap font for you to play with. If you are interested in a font conversion service, you can email me or jump over to my store. (Designers too!)

Happy Planner Swatches

Load these color swatches into Photoshop for instant access to colors inspired by the Happy Planner! 13 swatches included

.ACO color swatch format and layer styles with and without drop shadows included


Personal use and Designer use okay.

TEMPLATES: Planner Printables {Happy Planner Mini)


Ready to jump on the planner bandwagon? Already have a planner, but want some easy to embellish digital pages that you can decorate with digi or print at home? This set is huge and offers so many options! You get 13 different page sets that help you plan your weeks, goals, to-dos, creative projects, notes and more.

The PDF version is “blank” without dates, perfect for printing and decorating with physical products. Just print, fold, punch and decorate. They come with lines, or mostly blank for maximum flexibility.

The PSD/TIF versions are completely editable. Change the background, fonts, colors and more. These are ready to print, fold and punch.

INCLUDES: 13 designed pages (left and right) in 4.625″ x 7″ size TIF and PSD format included PDF format This product is for personal use or S4H-use without any additional license.

ACTION: Pattern Maker Mini

This quick action set helps you transform any element or doodle into a repeating pattern. This is a much simpler version of my previous Pattern Maker actions.

Two option… 1) Run the action and draw on the canvas. Then it creates the pattern. 2) Take any existing image, run the action to create the pattern. The final action saves your pattern to Photoshop for use or to export and sell.

Video included!



2 Pattern Maker Mini actions

1 Pattern Saver action

1 Video Tutorial


Tested in PSCC+, PSE11+. Mac and PC.

Designer Use Okay!

FONT: Bundle 2017

This font comes with uppercase letters, numbers and some basic punctuation and symbols. (Note: foreign characters are not supported.) What will you say with this font?


9 Fonts (uppercase, numbers, basic symbols and punctuation) OTF Format, mac or pc.

  • A Bad Font
  • Lizcue
  • Penny Layne
  • Boysterous
  • Jot It Down
  • Oh So Squiggly
  • Pleasantly Plump
  • Sorta Scripty
  • Thru Thick N Thin

1 Color Font (uppercase, numbers, basic symbols and punctuation) OTF BMP Format, PSCC2017 only.

  • Faith Is

Personal Use only.


1 custom font from your print handwriting.

Upon purchase, you’ll download a worksheet. Write your letters with a sharpie MARKER, SCAN AND UPLOAD TO MY DROPBOX. IN SEVERAL DAYS, YOU’LL GET A FONT BACK!

The Private edition will not be sold. You will be the only person to receive it. 

BY PURCHASING The SOCIAL edition, you agree that I can sell the font, with no additional compensation to you. 

Personal Use & S4H ok. Script fonts are not available at this time.

Top 10 Scrappy Tools

It’s no secret that my store is pretty unique in the digital scrapbooking industry! I’ve specialized in actions, templates, tools and tutorials for Photoshop and Elements. While many of my products are geared towards digital scrapbooking designers and photographers, I also have many tools for digi-scrappers. I was recently asked what my top scrappy tools were, so I thought I’d share them here as well! Not only are these products on sale for {inter}National Scrapbooking Day, you can get 10 of them in an awesome money-saving bundle! Without further ado, and in no particular order, here are my top 10 favorite scrappy tools!

  1. ACTION: Template Clipper
    This action set helps you scrap FAST using templates! 4 actions help you replace template layers with papers and elements. If you’re anything like me, scrappy time is at a premium. I still love scrapping, but I need to be really efficient. This action helps make scrapping with templates super fast!
  2. ACTION: Chalk It
    Chalk is trendy! This action turns any font into a chalk effect. It comes with an action to create a chalkboard too. Use any font and help it look more realistic with this chalk effect.
  3. BUNDLE: Title Templates #1
    This set of 3 template packs helps you make awesome titles from your fonts. Just edit the text, change the fonts and colors and you have instant titles! A great design time-saver.
  4. BUNDLE: Embellisher
    One thing I love to do is scrap with Lightroom Collages or the Project Life App. But, I also love to use digi kits to embellish my collage pages. These Embellisher actions help create super fast clusters from any kit in your stash. These are so fun and so fast!
  5. ACTION: Make Me Papers 
    I love solid papers, but not every kit comes with enough solids. This kit allows you to select 8 colors from a kit preview. Then it automatically creates 8 solid papers for you. Use the Pro version to use your own textures.
  6. ACTION: Sticker It
    Stickers never go out of style! Turn any phrase into a lightly-textured sticker with this action set. Adjust the border, lift the sticker and control everything as the actions runs.
  7. ACTION: Sharpen It
    A little bit of sharpen and color pop can add a lot to a layout, especially when printing. This action does both quickly. Run it on every layout when you’re done for that special extra touch.
  8. ACTION: Doodle Alpha
    Add a doodle-type border around any element or title. You control the settings. Awesome effect for journal pages or when using doodle-style kits.
  9. ACTION: Shadow Magic
    Take your shadows to the next level with this shadow action. Comes in Pro and Regular versions. Both result in more realistic shadows!
  10. ACTION: Frame Blender
    Create a blended frame effect from any photo, mask and frame in your stash. Easy to use and awesome results!