ACTION: Resize Custom

For a limited time, I will customize this resize action for your specific needs! Simply purchase this version of the action for $5 instead of $15-$20. In the comments section, include the following information, (or email

  • The sizes you need
  • Color pop/sharpen ON or OFF
  • Photoshop or Elements version you are using

Common sizes include 1200px, 600px, 500px, 350px, 200px, etc. I will adapt the action to create a copy of your layout/preview in the sizes YOU need. Actions will come with sharpen and color pop unless you indicate otherwise. (These options can be removed by request.)

Included for demonstration purposes, two customized versions of this action set.
— WZ_ResizeCustom36-9-8-7-6 saves a JPG at 100%, 900px, 800px, 700px and 600px; with sharpen and color pop
— WZ_ResizeCustomBatchV2 saves a JPG at 1000px, 900px, 800px, 600px and 350px; without sharpen and color pop

Two ways to use the actions. (Batching can only be done in PSCS. PSE users will have to use the first option.)

1) Open a layered file in Photoshop. Make sure your layered file has already been saved. Run the Combo action to save a 1000px, 800px, 600px and 350px version. You must edit the name yourself and press enter for each save step.

2) Batch them. Copy all your previews (Photoshop format, or full size JPG) to a folder. Create 4 empty folders for 1000px, 800px, 600px and 350px. Go to FILE>AUTOMATE>BATCH and choose the 1000px action from the dropdown. Set the options per the screen shot (including save settings and filename conventions). Set the SAVE folder to the 1000px folder. Let Photoshop run and save the 1000px previews. Repeat for the 600px action and the 350px action.