Creative Cloud Student Edition

Right now, you can join Adobe’s Creative Cloud for Students for just $19.99/month. This is a special discount off the regular $29.99 price. It’s open to new subscribers only and is a great way to get Adobe’s entire Creative Suite for a small price. To be eligible, you must be a student, have a student in the household or have an EDU email addy. The pricing is locked in for one year and you must commit to the entire year to be eligible.  This offer expires 11-29-13. Join now



Limited-Time: Create like a pro. Pay like a student. US$19.99/mo* Join now ›


I personally love the Creative Cloud option to pay monthly and have access to the full suite of Adobe products, including Photoshop, Illustrator, Lightroom and Acrobat. There’s tons more in there, but those are the main programs I use. It doesn’t include Elements, so if you want to use that as well, you’ll have to purchase it separately. If you don’t think you’ll use all that, check out the new Photographer option which includes just Photoshop and Lightroom for only $9.99. (You must be an existing Photoshop CS user and offer expires 12-31-13).