Check It Out! Quality Check It, That Is

I worked with Steph from The Daily Digi to put together a comprehensive guide to quality digital design. It’s free and now available for download! Head over and check it out. It’s perfect for scrappers who want to learn what to look for in quality designs, as well as for new and seasoned designers who want to ensure they are providing the best possible quality products to their customers.


  1. Barbara says:

    This was very helpful–thank you!

  2. I picked this up last night, late. I did a quick scan on it and wished I’d had it sooner! Keeping it for reference, thanks.

    • Hi Geri! The PSE version works thru version 10, which is the latest version of PSE. Version 11 won’t be out until September. The reason gamut cannot be checked in PSE is because PSE doesn’t support CMYK color mode. I doubt PSE will ever support it because Adobe considers that a pro feature. But, you never know!