Adobe Creative Suite 6 Announced


Today Adobe announced Creative Suite 6. The are introducing a new subscription service, The Creative Cloud. I’ve been doing a little research on the purchase options and thought I’d share a few with you.

The highlights…

You can choose the traditional boxed version or the monthly subscription. The monthly subscription will be normally $50/mo, temporarily discounted to $30/mo (if you sign 1/yr contract) or $30/mo for educational discount.

For the box editions,
Photoshop ONLY UPGRADE: $199
Design Premium UPGRADE
From CS5: $550
From CS5.5: $275
Design Premium (STUDENT TEACHER): $349

Also of note is the fact that this will be the last time Adobe will allow upgrades from versions over one version old. So, if you have a version older than CS 5, you might want to take advantage of either the subscription or the special upgrade pricing before you’ll no longer get upgrade discounts.

With the Cloud:

1) You can install on 2 computers, but they may not be in use at the same time.
2) You can download Mac and PC versions at no extra charge.
3) Updates and other products will be no additional charge when introduced. (They claim Lightroom will be included later this year.)
4) Includes all Adobe products, not just PS.
5) Includes 20GB of cloud storage
6) May include iPad versions as well, but I’m not entirely clear on that.

Extra Credit

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I hope this info helps navigating the new Photoshop and Creative Suite options!