Action: Frame It


It’s super easy to add your favorite photo to your favorite frame with this action pack! You get actions for 1-photo, 2-photo, 3-photo and 4-photo frames, plus an add-a-photo actions for larger frames and a trim/crop option for trimming excess canvas and saving your framed photo. From there, it’s easy to drag and drop to your layout. You control the placement of the photo. And, for unique frame shapes, just paint on the clipping mask layer for a quick cropping adjustment. (Watch the included video tutorial to see how it works!)

1-photo frame action
2-photo frame action
3-photo frame action
4-photo frame action
Add-photo frame action
Crop/trim action
Video Tutorial

Personal use or S4H okay. Tested in PSCS3-5.5, PSE6-10. Mac and PC.

Photos and frames not included. Special thanks to the Studio Girls for use of their Studio Mix frames used in the preview and video tutorial.