Bullet Journaling Bandwagon

I’ve hopped on the Bullet Journaling Bandwagon! I gave it a try and I’m hooked.


Bullet Journaling? What’s That?

Planners are popular, but I have had the hardest time making one work for me. Until now that is! I stumbled across Bullet Journaling after hearing about it on a podcast. I had no clue what it was so I did a little research. The flexibility of the plan made a lot of sense to me. I can track all kinds of things in one journal, and the concept behind it just clicked! The basic idea is to create a monthly log, daily log and future log. Then create an index page that allows you to easily find your logs within your journal.

These three logs lay the foundation of the planner system, but the beauty is it’s completely flexible and customizable! So you can track almost anything! In my journal, I’m currently tracking books read, tv shows watched, story ideas, goals, movies, podcasts, and birthdays and holidays. I have plans to add a habit tracker as well. I can doodle in there, add coloring pages, and even enjoy some of the fun planner supplies if I want. I used Washi Tape to make color coded tabs for my different logs, so they are easier to locate. I’ve printed a calendar and pasted it in the front of the book too. This is the first planner that has resonated with me and I’m actually using it! You can use any journal size, print and punch pages or glue pages into an existing journal.



Once I decided this was going to work for me, I set out to make my own templates. I’m making these printable templates available to you. Here’s what you get:
INCLUDES: (Both Half-Letter and A5)

-Index Page -Future Log
-Daily Logs (2 versions)
-Monthly Log
-2017 Calendar Pages (mo-su, su-sa, two versions of each)
-Birthday Log -Goals
-Habit Log
-Gratitude Log
-Meal Plan
-Memories Log
-Shopping List
-TV Log
-Book log
-Grids and Lines (multiple options in most logs)
-PeaSqueaker and PeaBev fonts

Layered PSD format Personal Use Only

Special thanks to Fonts for Peas for use of their fonts.


TEMPLATES: Project Life App Stitching Grids 2.0

  NOW INCLUDES INDIVIDUAL PNG FILES These stitching grids are designed to work with my TOOLKIT: Project Life App Standard Pack and Extras Packs 1-6. 12×12 sizes are included, but they can be reduced to fit on the 8×8 size as well. INCLUDES: Stitching grids for page designs A-Z, Square 1-16, and Big Shot 1-16, T2, T3, T4, F2, […]

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Watercolor Swatches

Load these color swatches into Photoshop for instant access to colors inspired by some favorite Copic markers and Peerless watercolors. Over 400 color swatches included! Personal use and Designer use okay. .ACO color swatch format ONLY Share this:

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ACTION: Resize Custom

For a limited time, I will customize this resize action for your specific needs! Simply purchase this version of the action for $5 instead of $15-$20. In the comments section, include the following information, (or email wendy@scrapbookgraphics.com) The sizes you need Color pop/sharpen ON or OFF Photoshop or Elements version you are using Common sizes […]

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ACTION: Frame Blender

Do you love those awesome blended photo layouts, complete with out of bounds effects? This action will lead you through creating completely custom layouts using any masks and frames in your stash! (If you need some masks or frames, be sure to check our vast supply here at Scrapbookgraphics!) Includes: 1 Frame Blender action with […]

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ALPHAS: Magic of Beginnings BUNDLE


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TEMPLATES: Magic of Beginnings

THIS WAS A FORMER FREEBIE AT SCRAPANEERS. PLEASE CHECK YOUR STASH BEFORE PURCHASING. Two 12×12 templates, TIF, PSD, PSE Droplet formats Personal use or scrap-4-hire use Share this:

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VIDEO: Creating PSE Custom Frames & Droplet Templates

  PSE 15+ ONLY Love my PSE Droplet templates and want to make your own in Photoshop Elements? In this video I walk you through using PSE 15’s new Frame Creator feature. Once we make our frames, I’ll show you how to use them to make your own droplet templates. INCLUDES: 1 25 minute video […]

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BUNDLE: Mandala Planner, Color Pages & Video

Please note: This download is very large. Please make sure you can download up to 200mb before purchasing. No refunds will be given. Thank you! Love planners and digital supplies, but not sure how to use Photoshop to customize them? This video leads you through customizing a template in both a planner page AND coloring […]

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COLORING PAGES: Mandala Quotes

Do you love coloring pages? Do you love Mandalas? Now you can print and color or decorate some with your favorite digi supplies. The quotes are completely editable. You can change the words, fonts or remove them completely. INCLUDES: 12 12×12 Mandalas Layered PSD, PNG & JPG 12 Editable Quotes PSD, PNG & JPG   Share […]

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